Too many politicians today have it in their minds that they hold office to rule over the People that elect them. Jerry Rose seeks to change that paradigm and is running to represent the People of New Mexico in the U.S. Senate in 2024, and he makes a promise to you. He promises that if he is elected, Jerry will keep you informed of all legislative issues, and get feedback from the voters on how to proceed. Jerry doesn't promote his own views on "the issues" as your usual politician does, because he is not a politician. He will not give useless platitudes and propaganda, nor does he pretend to have all the answers. He is counting on you to give him the answers. He serves no political party, but will only serve the People. He is just a concerned citizen, who perceives a big problem with a very simple solution: elect Representatives and Senators who will actually do what you tell them to do and actually be true representatives of the People in their districts and States.


Jerry's vision goes beyond just winning a seat in government. His vision is to remind the People that they are in charge here, and that politicians are only public servants. We must return to a government that is of the People, by the People, and for the People. For too long, we've elected self-anointed "messiahs" who only serve the interests of big money donors of the political parties, and not the People that elect them. For too long, the legislative bodies of our Republic have been out of the control of the People. This needs to change, yesterday.